Friday November 6, 2009
PODCAST: Rockfish ONLY Fishing Forecast November 6, 2009
Dave Yost -

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November 6, 2009
ROCKFISH ONLY Fishing Forecast Podcast
Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence
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Welcome to’s Rockfish ONLY Middle Bay Fishing Forecast for Friday November 6, 2009

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This weekly podcast is your “go-to” resource for where the rockfish are for the coming weekend, compiled for Southern Maryland Fishing as always by Dave Yost who everyone knows as Striper Dave.  You can visit Dave at

Before you head out on Saturday, make sure you listen in on Friday so you will be certain to Catch’em Good.

And now onto the fishing forecast this week...

The hot news flash for this week is that Big Gannets are showing up, it is time to hook'em up and catch'em good. 

Dave witnessed a thick cloud of bird about 500 yards off of Chesapeake Beach yesterday at 4pm from the jetty.  The boats coming out of Fishing Creek couldn't even wait to get out of the inlet before they on the throttle hard.  It was a sight to be seen.  He stated he hasn't seen birds that thick in a while.  The same thing occurred yesterday according to a few captains, right off the beach. 

Hotspots this week have been from Thomas Point to Parkers Creek.  Fishermen have just been chasing and casting which is a blast.  They are throwing rattle traps, BKD's, bass assassins, swim shads and they have all been working.  A lot of light tackle jiggers out as well jigging up some big fish using metal, lead heads tipped with BKD's, Bass Assassins, Tsunamis and Gulp. 

Trollers are still out filling the boxes with up to 36 inch plus fish - umbrellas, tandems, and double rigged spoons and bucktails are the baits of choice.  The fishing is heating up, the fish are getting bigger, so some guys are trolling bigger lures to entice the 20 lb plus class fish. 

Mouths of the rivers in 20-30' have been doing well with breaking fish.  The mouth of the South River was a popular spot near Annapolis this week.  The Patuxent River has had plenty of fish but most are schoolie size, however there have been a few fisherman in the area of St. Leonard's Creek trolling and catching fish up to 34 inches.   

The bite, as always it seems, is good around the Gas Docks and Cove Point.  Trolling, casting and jigging are all good methods in that area with the top baits being rattle traps, BKD's, Tsunami's and Storm lures.  Trollers using umbrellas and tandems with spoons have been hooking up in the Cove Point area - white continues to be the popular color, but chartreuse will put'em in the box as well. 

Across the bay the mouth of the Choptank River has been producing larger class fish in the upper 30's.  The Honga River has been a popular spot.  Cooks Point and Poplar Island have been producing keeper fish.   

Many anglers are still fishing the shallows at dusk and dawn using top water poppers and shallow swimming plugs.  This is an opportunity for kayakers and non-power boaters alike to get on some big boys close to shore.  There is nothing like fishing shallow top water and seeing a striper CRASH your lure.  Talk about and adrenaline rush. 

Point Lookout has been having their fair share of action and most of it has been light tackle and shallow water.  Early morning and late afternoon has been the best bite.  Point No Point has been producing for trollers and casters alike.  A little know secret to few is St Jeromes Creek if you live near by pull in and fish the fast moving current, stripers are stacked up in there.  It is only accessible by boat unless you live there. 

Fishing is good and getting better day by day.  Fish with sea lice are here and more to come - wish means these fish are coming in from the ocean.  Dave joked that big gannets should be the state bird - to heck with the Oriole. 

Remember fishing courtesy and etiquette leave plenty of room for other boaters.  Don't be a hog, there are plenty for everyone.  And most importantly safety check all your gear and equipment before leaving the dock.  And don't forget to check the weather before heading out.

And on a side note for all you surf fisherman - the stripers are starting to show up in Eelaware, 3 R's, Indian River Inlet, Ocean City Inlet and Assateague Island.  There is a wave of big fish going through NJ and heading our way.  If you inclined, get to the beach and spend a few days - you may just get that catch of a lifetime.

If you have something to add, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 410-231-3850 and leave a message – you might hear yourself featured in our report!

Until next week - Get out there and hook'em up and catch'em good.

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