Monday November 2, 2009
Early November Jetty and Dock Piling Rockfish Report
Dave Yost -

chesapeake bay fishing report maryland fishing report

November has opened with some erratic weather as a cold front followed a very warm and rainy Halloween night.

Striper Dave sent in this report yesterday from some late afternoon jetty fishing.

I got my schoolie for the evening at my local jetty. He took my bait about two-thirds of the way down the jetty. He hit next to the rocks about 5 ft out. I was retrieving semi-parallell with the rocks when he took a small 3" Storm Shad.

chesapeake bay november rockfish jetty fishing

Later in the evening Dave and I hooked up to look for some dock piling Stripers.  The wind was blowing and the current was moving well.  Despite loads of baitfish and lots of water boils we failed to hook up with any fish, but they are still there.  In fact, based on the water movement we witnessed the estimate is that the schoolies have moved out and there are some larger (but fewer) fish that may have moved in to take their place.

Stay tuned, they are there and we will catch'em good and tell you all about it.


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