Saturday October 31, 2009
Jetty Fishing - Safety Should Come First
Brian Raines

maryland chesapeake bay jetty fishing safety

One of the most productive locations for the "bank-bound" angler can be stone or rock jetties, particularly early and late in the day. But these rocks can be dangerous if you do not pay attention to conditions both above and below the water.

In a tidal zone where water levels rise and fall what is underwater at one point during the day is exposed during another. If you plan on fishing in low light conditions during the morning or evening be certain to inspect the jetty during daylight hours so you can be familiar with jetty conditions. These rocks can become quite mossy and slippery with the changing water conditions.

Always wear shoes that offer the best traction possible and you should consider investing in a pair of Korkers. Korkers Footwear manufactures all terrain footwear featuring interchangeable traction that allows outdoor enthusiasts to adapt and safely navigation varying conditions in and out of water. These types of footwear are an indispensible asset for the serious jetty fisherman.

maryland jetty striper fishing safety

You should also be aware of the current flow as these jetties are typically in a location to serve the purpose of minimizing the impact of moving water. Therefore you should anticipate that there will be times when current flow is strong and could pose a potential safety hazard.

Avoid the temptation to wear your fishing waders. If you do find yourself "in the drink" because of a slip and fall, and you have avoided your forehead having an intense interaction with the hard surface you were just standing on, you may now find yourself quickly slipping under the water with full waders.

Anytime you are jetty fishing having another angler close by will also keep you safer. And it is more fun to fish a buddy anyway.

Enjoy jetty fishing! It can be productive and a great opportunity for the shore-bound angler to interact with a large fish, just remember to do it safely.

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