Friday October 30, 2009
PODCAST: Rockfish ONLY Fishing Forecast October 30, 2009
Brian Raines

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October 30, 2009
ROCKFISH ONLY Fishing Forecast Podcast
Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence
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This is’s Rockfish ONLY Middle Bay Fishing Forecast for Friday October 30, 2009.

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This weekly podcast is your “go-to” resource for where the rockfish are for the coming weekend, compiled for Southern Maryland Fishing as always Dave Yost who everyone knows as Striper Dave.  You can visit Dave at

Every Friday on we’ll tell you what their biting and where their biting so you can succeed in your weekend fishing.  Before you head out on Saturday, make sure you listen in on Friday so you will be certain to Catch’em Good.

This is your weekly middle Chesapeake Bay Rockfish ONLY fishing forecast and report from Annapolis to Point Lookout.  For the most part the bluefish are all but gone with a few hanging around.  Anglers are still having a blast in the shallow water at dusk and dawn.  Tidal creeks, rivers and shore lines have been producing fish to 24 inches and a few big boys to 34 inches.  Swim shads, topwater plugs, and shallow swimming plugs have been the ticket.  This action has been productive on both the Eastern and Western shore.  Casting under lights at dark, around piers and fishable marinas has been paying off big time for light tackle anglers.  This is a good time a year for kayakers and non power boaters alike to hit the shore lines for some action. 

Moving away from the shoreline - the bigger fish have been found on the channel edges and drop offs.  A good bite this week has been found from Chesapeake Beach to Cove Point in 30-40 feet of water.  The mouth of the Choptank on the Eastern shore has been producing well. We received word from some anglers that the Honga Straits have had some hot action.  As you start your day look for the working birds, but don't pass up sitting birds. They are there for a reason. 

Keep in mind that the tide is not as important as moving current - moving current is a key to your striper fishing success.  The rockfish are fattening up for the winter so now is the time to hit the water and search'em out.  Tandem bucktails with twister tails or shads, parachutes and umbrellas with shads or twister tails, and small bucktails with pork rind or scented trailers are producing.  Striper Dave says "when theres a lot of traffic on the water the fish usually get pushed deep, so your baits need to be deep".  Dave was out on the water with Capt. George Prenant this week aboard the Stormy Petrel and caught a few nice fish in a short time.  They were trolling "out front" as they call it, out of Happy Harbor in Deale, MD.  The umbrellas caught most of the fish and white was the color of the day.  White, chartruese, and yellow are the top choices and most of the fish were deep. 

Get out there and hook'em up and catch'em good.

If you have something to add, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 410-231-3850 and leave a message – you might hear yourself featured in our report!

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