Tuesday October 20, 2009
PHOTOS: Rockfish at Dawn
Dave Yost - StriperDave.com

chesapeake bay dawn sunrise fishing chesapeake bay rockfish sunrise dawn fishing jetty

It was a beautiful clear morning at dawn with stars high in the sky.  I headed down to my local jettie to try some early morning (dawn) casting.  The tide was just about high.  I started casting my bomber plug and making my way down the jettie.  I felt a few tail slaps but no hook ups.  I continued down to the end of the jettie and switched lures to my swim shad.  I was casting the bay side of inlet when I felt a good strike, set hook and missed.  Immediatley casted back out and 6 cranks HOOKED UP.  Nice little 14-16"er.  I was satisfied with that and it made my day, now I head off to work to make some money.


chesapeake bay fishing sunrise

chesapeake bay striper sunrise jetty fishing

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