Saturday October 17, 2009
PHOTOS: Rockfish in the Rain
Dave Yost,

I just got this report in from Striper Dave - fishing in the rain, at night - that is dedication to your sport.  The amazing part is that even in this nasty, dreary, Nor'easter rainy mess - he catches fish.

chesapeake bay rockfish chesapeake bay striped bass

Extreme fishing produces fish.  I was at it again at my local marina in the rain/light drizzle.  It wasn't too bad.  The water was way up and the current was ripping out of the creek.  I didn't notice the obvious splashes as I usually do, only very slight water movement to indicate stripers in the area.  My first cast with the bomber plug produced a 14 incher.  Ten more casts and nothing.  I switched up to my Storm swim shad and on the 3rd cast HOOKED UP to a nice fish approx. 20 inches or so.  This fish looked like it had some battle wounds - not sure from what, but a nice fight and catch.


So don't let this rain get in your way - get out and FISH.


Until next time - HOOK'EM UP



chesapeake bay light tackle striper


chesapeake bay rockfish on light tackle


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