Tuesday October 13, 2009
PHOTOS: Striper on the Rocks
Dave Yost, StriperDave.com

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This report just came in from StriperDave - visit him at http://www.striperdave.com

I fished my local jettie tonite at sunset thru dark.  I thought I was going to get skunked, however as soon is it got dark I started making my way up the jettie to shore. I noticed a very subtle roll in the water, and new it was a striper.  I made a few casts with no luck.  I kept moving and making my way back.  I didn't see a swirl but I was stopping every so often and fan casting.  BOOM,  HOOKED UP.   I thought I was snagged at first until he made a run, WOOWEE, NICE FISH I THOUGHT.  He zzzzinged my reel a few times and I got him over to the rocks.  I was so nervous I was gonna lose it I stepped into the water (not deep at all, didn't even cover my shoes). I got him close enough to grab and he slipped the first grab.  Got'em back over and the second grab was a success.  There was another fisherman there to kindly take these pics.  Not the best pics in the world but good enough.  NICE FISH, NICE FIGHT. 

Til' next time  HOOK'EM UP

chesapeake bay rockfish

chesapeake bay striped bass

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