Monday October 12, 2009
PHOTOS: Southern Maryland Freshwater Fishing Report
Brian Raines

Conditions today for freshwater pond fishing were tough.  Patterns were hard to identify and fish were difficult to locate.  Weeds are definitely an issue at this particular fishing location.  When fish are not on a top water action pattern it can be difficult to find a productive lure that can deal with thick vegetation such as hydrilla - if you look closely at the third and fourth photos below, you can get an idea of exactly how thick the hydrilla in this pond has become.

All total we caught 5 fish today. Three largemouth bass of quality size that were roughly 1.5 to 2lbs, one smaller bass and the best fish of the day was a chain pickerel coming in at about 22 inches, which is just shy of Maryland citation size for the species. 

Two bass were caught on white soft plastic spinnerbaits with willow leaf blades, one bass was caught on a black Berkeley power worm, and one bass was caught on a Yo-Zuri Black/Silver minnow style crankbait. The chain pickerel fell victim to a swimming shad presented weightless with a weedless hook and allowed to sink slowly next to a weed line with the occasional twitch.

Until next time - Catch'em Good!

maryland largemouth bass

maryland chain pickerel

maryland fishing report

maryland fishing report largemouth bass

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