Saturday October 10, 2009
PHOTOS: 6 Stripers in 30 Minutes...Not Too Bad
Dave Yost

I found my camera so I can take get some good shots of the Stripah's.  So of course, I had to go down and give it a try.

I was almost certain I would catch fish.  It is usually a sure shot when the tide is moving and seems to be better right at nightfall.  And so it was.  I only spent 30 minutes fishing and caught 6 fish. 

The tide was coming in and the wind was blowing hard, but the marina is some what protected so the wind wasn't that hateful.  I started out casting my school bus bomber and watched a few follow but no strikes.  I then switched to my  4" Storm swim shad and "botta bing botta boom - FISH ON," and I am HOOKED UP.  A nice little fight from a fish approximately 14-16 inches.  I kept on casting and was picking one up every 3 or 4 casts.  They all ranged from 12-16 inches.  While I might have had one keeper I was just trying out my camera for pic purposes so I didn't keep any.  All and all not bad for 30 min. 

chesapeake bay rockfish stiper


chesapeake bay striper

I've included a few of the pics.  The 2 pics are different fish by the way in case you were wondering.  I've included some pics of the lures I use regularly.  The 2 top choices are the swim shad (shown 3rd lure on right) and the bomber school bus which is 4th from left to right on the second pic.

rockfish lures

striper lures

Until next time...Hook'em Up!

About the Author: Dave Yost is an avid saltwater and freshwater angler. You can visit Dave and contact him about Chesapeake Bay fishing on his website at

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