Wednesday October 7, 2009
PHOTOS: Largemouth Fishing Report - Governors Bridge Natural Area, Bowie, MD
Mike Short

Another spontaneous fishing trip seemed inevitable as I took my first steps out of the house. Thanks to a slow economy, this has become a common occurrence on beautiful days. The question is where am I going today?

While gathering my tackle I decided to stay close and fish the old Isaac Walton Lake in Bowie.  This is a nine acre lake now open to the public under the new name, "Governor's Bridge Natural Area".
Upon my arrival, I stumbled upon a five to six foot black snake to get the adrenalin pumping. I'm not here for the snake hunting, so let's fish.

First cast led to a generous strike. "The plastics are going to be the ticket, today", I thought to myself. Having brought nothing but plastic baits, I was now convinced it would be a successful venture. Boy was I wrong.
After what seemed to be a couple hundred fishless casts, my arms and faith started to fatigue. Time for plan B.

So I kicked over a couple of rotten logs, gathered the small worms, and began re-rigging rod with bluegills in my near future. Luckily, I had small hooks with the little tackle I did bring.

It didn't take long to connect with the little boogers and before I knew it, it was time to bass fish again.

A lot of folks swear up and down that it is illegal to live line bluegill for largemouth. As long as you don't cut off the head or tail, it's perfectly legal.

With my bluegill fully intact, I took my first cast onto the Lilly pad's edge. Immediate success as my bobber took its first plunge. Once again, adrenalin filled my veins. After a quick fight, I was back in the saddle with what I set out to do. Catch largemouth. 
Thanks to Mike Short for this great report and the photos!  Mike certainly did "Catch'em Good!!!" Find out more about the Governor's Bridge Natural Area.

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