Wednesday October 7, 2009
PHOTO REPORT: Nighttime Schoolie Stripers Under the Lights
Dave Yost,

Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Fishing Report

I was sitting around at home watching YouTube fishing videos, when I got the itch to go castin - as I usually do come nighttime. 

I was thinking schoolie stripers should be flipping right about now.  Low tide would be at 1am so I knew it was moving out pretty good by now at around time is 8:30pm. 

I grabbed my jacket and my flip flops and headed down to the local marina to fish under the lights and pilings. I arrived to some pretty nice splashes,  schoolies chasing minnows.  The wind was a steady breeze but not bad, and the temperature was comfortable - a beautiful night.  

I did notice the water was a bit cloudy and wondered how that would affect my fishing. I assumed the fish wouldn't be able to see my lure as well - common sense ha ha.  I was right, it was slim pickings. 

After about a dozen casts I finally landed one - a nice 16 incher. He hit when my lure was almost back to dock, made a few hard pulls and I got him up before he went under the dock - nice little fish.  Stripers always are hard fighters, even the schoolies. 

I stayed another 30 min or so with splashes continuing and a few hits but no hook ups.  I moved over to another spot nearby where the water moves a bit faster due to the width of the creek,  made a few casts and hooked up again just as the lure was almost back. This one was smaller but immediatley made a nose dive - WOW - pretty good for this little guy as he was about 14".  A couple more casts and had a few more fish follow it but no strikes. 

chesapeake bay schoolie striper

Oh well about an hour of castin and 2 nice little fights - a good night all around.

Until next time - Go Castin!

About the Author: Dave Yost is an avid saltwater and freshwater angler. You can visit Dave and contact him about Chesapeake Bay fishing on his website at

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