Saturday September 26, 2009
Hutchins Pond Calvert County, MD Fishing Report
Brian Raines

With an hour or two to kill today I didn't have time for a full-on fishing outing, but I did have enough time to wet a line.

A "close to home" fishing trip was in order. I headed to a local fishing pond in northern Calvert County named Hutchins Pond. This small man-made fishing pond is primarily known as a MD DNR trout stocking location.

Based on conditions I downsized my lure selection and fished a small beetle spin, a small leadhead and white curly tail grub, and a small broken-back Rapala minnow.

Starting on the dam near the parking lot I had my first small bass on the yellow beetle spin on my third cast. Alternating between the beetle spin and the white grub I covered the entire dam and worked my way towards the head of the pond. Two more small bass fell victim to the beetle spin along with several short strikes by some aggressive bluegill.

Fishing from the shore can be challenging at times and many times it requires you get your feet wet. Other times it will cost you your bait to trees and shrubs along the bank. After my beetle spin was gone, I switched to the Rapala broken back minnow. On the third cast near some trees inthe water at the head of the pond the largest fish of the day took the minnow with a hard strike.

Soon after that it was time to call this short outing complete.

Small waters can hold quality fish, but they always offer you the opportunity to wet a line and have a great time. Even if for just a few quick casts you should give Hutchins Pond a try.

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