Sunday September 6, 2009
PHOTOS: Pond Fishing Report - Snakehead and Largemouth
Brian Raines

Air Temperature: 65 warming up to 80 by noon
Water Temperature: high 70's
Clarity: Clear
Water: Small rock quarry fish pond, lots of grass

A beautiful Fall morning produced several quality fish during the course of the day. These rock quarry ponds have filled this time of the year with duck weed and we were only to draw fish up out of the weed with topwater prop-baits and poppers.

The first fish of the day was a 20" Northern Snakehead. The Snakehead is a very aggressive fish and while they are fun to catch, they can quickly destroy the balance of a small pond. For that reason this fish was not returned to the water. In fact, in Maryland it is illegal to return a Snakehead to the water.

Fishing slowed down and we caught a few random smaller bass and one very ambitious bluegill that decided a topwater Torpedo bait was fit for a meal.

Pulling these topwater baits over the duckweed is not an easy task and you spend a considerable amount of time clearing your baits, but the results are well worth it as evidenced by this 3.5lb largemouth that was the last fish of the day.

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