Monday August 24, 2009
Product Review: Rebel Pop-R Topwater Bait
Brian Raines, Editor

One of my favorite and top producing lures for largemouth bass in the summer has to be the Rebel Pop-R. Use this bait in the early morning and late evening, as well as other low light conditions. I fish quite a few different topwater style baits and while they all produce, the Rebel Pop-R is the bait I pull out of the tackle box first.

This lure possesses a deadly combination of an integrated rattle with the spit, pop and chug excitement of the concave lip. Combined with an extra bit of flash produced by the dressed rear treble glitter filament makes this a topwater bait most largemouth simply are not able to resist.

The top producing colors for me are consistently the Silver/Black and Tennessee Shad.

Lure Specifications
Length: 2-1/2" Weight: 1/4 oz. Hooks: two #6 trebles

Rebel Pop-R
Rebel Pop-R

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