Sunday August 2, 2009
Freshwater Fishing Report July 31, 2009

It is getting a bit toasty out there this week for both freshwater fishermen and fish alike. Both are in a summer pattern of activity to beat the mid-day heat so most serious largemouth bass fishermen are out on the water before dawn and finish up before noon or head out just before dusk. Casting surface lures such as scum frogs or similar soft plastic frogs, buzzbaits and poppers near or over shallow grass is where the action is early in the morning; whether one is fishing the tidal waters or the large reservoirs. As the sun gets higher in the sky the largemouth bass will retreat to deep shade; which is often thick grass or deep sunken wood. Old docks and piers that provide cool shade or even fallen tree  tops are also good places to cast soft plastic jigs, worms, grubs, or spinnerbaits.

The Conowingo Dam has been releasing water for power generation during the later half of these warm days and the cool water discharges are creating some good fishing for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye below the dam. A variety of jigs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits are all good choices when working some of the deeper holes and eddies.

The large reservoirs in the central region are often deep and have the cool water to hold some big fish such as a big largemouth bass that was caught and released at Piney Reservoir by Brian Morgan.

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