Tuesday July 28, 2009
Small Fishing Boats - Inflatable Boat Choices For Anglers
Trevor Kugler

Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Boat Pro Angler Package

By Trevor Kugler

Have you ever considered a small fishing boat to solve the "having a boat" problem? Boats can be quite a substantial investment for fishermen, but what I've found out is that they don't have to be. There are small fishing boats available that solve the "having a boat" problem and don't require a substantial up front investment.

Inflatable fishing boats are a viable alternative for anglers and in this article I'll outline some of the more popular and effective solutions available in the inflatable boat market. The bottom line is that when it comes to small fishing boats an inflatable boat can be just what the doctor ordered.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to these types of boats is to make sure that you purchase from a quality manufacturer. Buying a quality inflatable boat makes all the difference in the world. Most people think inflatable boats are a joke because they've never seen a quality product. Quality manufacturers stand behind their boats with thinks like money back guarantees, free trial periods, and/or free or discounted shipping.

Inflatable Canoes - Inflatable canoes can be a great option for fishermen. These small fishing boats are large enough to carry two anglers and their fishing gear. These boats are extremely maneuverable and lightweight for any portages that might be necessary. In my opinion inflatable canoes are best for fishing in rivers and streams, but they also work well in lakes. I like to ride my inflatable canoe down my favorite river, stopping at all my favorite fishing areas to fish. When fishing in this way I like to actually get out of the canoe and fish each "good looking" area as I go.

Inflatable Pontoons - Inflatable pontoons are a great small fishing boat for anglers. As a matter of fact, when it comes to small fishing boats, inflatable pontoons might be the best option. These boats are made up of two inflatable pontoons with a seat (or seats) in between them. The smaller versions carry 1 angler, while the larger versions carry up to 4 anglers. These boats are very maneuverable and stable. Some versions even allow the angler to be above the water on a platform, while smaller versions require the angler to have their legs in the water. Fly fishermen are familiar with smaller inflatable pontoon boats (1 angler boats).

Inflatable Kayaks - Inflatable kayaks are much like inflatable canoes, just a bit more streamlined and durable. Inflatable kayaks are also usually a bit smaller than inflatable canoes. These small fishing boats are great for fishing in rivers and streams. Some inflatable kayaks can even be taken in class IV rapids. These small fishing boats are great for the single angler.

Any of these inflatable fishing boats would be a great choice if you like to spend time fishing. Is one better than the other? Which is the best is largely up to personal preference, but any of these are a great choice.

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Sea Eagle  FoldCat 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Boat Pro Angler Package

Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Boat Pro Angler Package

Go from your car to fishing on the water in just five minutes with the Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Pro Angler Package. The two-person FoldCat 375fc features an unique folding frame system to eliminate assembly time and fit in a full-size car trunk when it's time to head home. Just unfold the frame, inflate the two sun and saltwater resistant, 1000 denier reinforced pontoons, and get fishing. Two swivel seats, full fabric floor, five aluminum slats, four aluminum underbars, and very stable wide-beam catamaran hull design make this boat a great platform for fishermen and their gear, whether they like to fish sitting OR standing! Lightweight boat rows with ease, moves easily with electric trolling motor, or accepts up to a 3 HP gas motor. Low resistance pontoon design uses very little gas or battery power to move around the water. Snap-on, snap-off seats are cushioned, provide great back support, and swivel 360 for easy to use, convenient comfort on a long day of fishing. Lightweight design and materials helps the FoldCat 375fc weigh just 75 lbs and not get waterlogged! Pro Angler Package includes pedestal, four rod holders, AB20 Oar set and oarlocks, step bench, A-41 foot pump, storage bag, carry bag, and a repair kit. Inflated dimensions: 12' 4'' x 4' 6''. Deflated: 56'' x 21'' x 10''. One-time only initial assembly takes up to 30 minutes. Manufacturer's three year warranty. Features: Unique design goes from car to fishing in five minutes Simple, stable patented folding frame system Two sun and saltwater-resistant, 1000 denier reinforced inflatable pontoons Two 360 swivel, cushioned, snap-on/snap-off seats Motor mount accepts electric trolling motor or gas motor up to 3 HP Catamaran hull design and aluminum frame provides stable fishing platform, sitting or standing Weighs just 75 lbs and does not get waterlogged Pro Angler package includes oar set and oarlocks, four rod holders, step bench, pedestal, foot pump, storage bag, carry bag, and repair kit Boat fits into full size car trunk when folded up Manufacturer model # - 375FC P

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