Wednesday May 22, 2013
Why You Should Teach Your Kids How to Fish
Brian Raines

Who says fishing in Berlin is impossible? With the rehabilitation of the numerous lakes around Muggelsee to the rivers around in Potsdam, there are many relaxing spots and fantastic activities like fishing and water sports that you and your kids can enjoy especially in the summer in Bolschesstrasse. Involving your kids in fishing is a wonderful way to teach them how to be responsible and at the same time have fun. They will appreciate this new and exciting activity that will make them feel that they really do have an important role in the family excursion. It could be assuring everyone if they are wearing their floatation device or just by assigning them to count the bait. You can assign your child to do numerous things to assist you or just teach them the basics of angling. 

After a pond fishing at Brandenburg in Germany in the famous fishing Mecklenburg district, you can relax by the resort in Typ Finnhaus and have some hot chocolate by the campsite fire or play your favorite game with your family. If you want to have a little alone time and you’re into online games and card games, you can download the newest android app from You can practice your gaming strategies and skills with its easy to use game interface and interesting game play. You can play poker anytime anywhere without the hassle of dressing up and going to a real casino. But if you’re looking for some live poker action, you can also join the tables at Spielbank Casino in Berlin. Fishing is also a bit like poker, with the right amount of practice and patience you can soon catch the “Big One” and hit the jackpot. You can also explore the lake in Friedrichshagen and Grosser Muggelsee where you can have boat excursions in Stern und Kreis Schiffahrt that lasts from one to five hours which also includes a ferry to the south shore. Kids will surely enjoy the sights and sounds of these excursions in which you can also join the many water activities such as snorkeling and looking for plant and animal wildlife that will keep them happily busy. 

There are a lot of values that you can teach your kids when you teach them the joy of fishing. One of them is honing a sense of wonder in our world around us. It’s about making the little things count and instilling a profound sense of value in taking care of our environment. Also, by making them try new things, they see it as a challenge that will make them ready to face on future challenges in life and not be afraid of trying different activities and hobbies that can spark their passions. Learning a skill set such as fishing can also teach them how to be patient and tenacious and not be hugely affected by minor setbacks. Don’t forget to get all your fishing needs and gear in Matzes-Anglerteff in Berlin. 

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