Wednesday January 19, 2011
NC Commercial Fisherman Slaughtering Untold Numbers of Rockfish VIDEO
Elbee Foote, Staff Reporter

If you are at all concerned about the health of the Striped Bass population in the Chesapeake Bay then you need to be aware of what is going on off the coast of North Carolina right now.


As we speak, commercial trawlers are slaughtering untold number of rockfish off the coast of North Carolina.

From the Charlotte Examiner...

"Commercial fishermen trawling off of the Outer Banks of North Carolina are slaughtering thousands of striped bass in “culling” operations and tossing them overboard trying to keep larger stripers and remain under their 50 fish limit.

Both recreational anglers and smaller operation commercial fishermen have been aghast at the actions of the trawlers who are wiping out massive schools of stripers and discarding smaller fish to stay under the state 50 fish creel but maximize their profits."

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