Monday December 6, 2010
December Chesapeake Rockfish Report VIDEO
Dave Yost

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I trolled up a new personal best on the Good Samaritan - 43" length, 25" girth, and 30lbs.

I was trolling out front of the radar towers on the western edge of the shipping channel in 50 feet of water, right on the bend and up on the ledge.

The wind was starting to pick up and the white caps were forming. There were big gannets were working in the area.

There was only one other boat nearby. Approximately 20 minutes earlier I landed a 32" fish in the same area.

This fish hit a #11 Cather spoon which I found out from Pearl at Tylers Tackle in Chesapeake Beach are not made anymore.

I was running 12OZ of weight 14 bars (140') back.

The fish was pretty sluggish but did give me a few good runs.

The rod-and-reel are oldies but goodies but the fish made it to the boat.
I did not have a net but landed it by grabbing the spoon and hoisting him over the side and onto the deck.

Wow what an awesome site!!!

My personal best and the biggest on the "Good Samaritan" thus far.

Thank The Good Lord for Letting me Hook up This Fish!! And Thank You Mr. Cather for Making These spoons!! I've been stubborn on running my spoons this year but they have been catching fish. And a pretty decent one today!

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