Monday July 27, 2009
Freshwater Report - July 22, 2009

Earl McJett III, who works with DNR as a summer intern at the Southern Region Fisheries Office, went to Mattawoman Creek on one of the roads leading out of Waldorf and caught bass, bluegill, warmouth, and pickerel at a little hole near the road. The creek in that area is a small drainage that most people would drive past without noticing. He showed me a cellphone picture of one of the bass he caught and it was a really fat fish. Earl had also tried the creek below the lake at Myrtle Grove WMA and found a spot further down where there were hundreds of crayfish walking along the creek bottom and he caught some with a fishing lure to be used as bait later. Then he fished the Greentrees at Myrtle Grove (long narrow ponds for waterfowl) and caught a number of bluegill.

Ray Borras, who monitors tournaments for DNR, says that his two buddies at Smallwood State Park catch bass from the bulkhead nearly every week. Recently someone caught a snakehead from the shoreline there as well. The tournament fishermen are continuing to bring in plenty of largemouth bass from all over the river. After June 15, the 12-inch season started for bass and the tournaments were doing well in from Nanjemoy Creek all the way up to Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the Potomac. “Some of the bass fishermen go north and some go south from the ramp at Smallwood and seem to do just as well” Borras said.

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