Monday July 12, 2010
REPORT: Afternoon Pond Fishing Yields Panfish, Bass and Snakehead
Brian Raines

snakehead in maryland largemouth bass maryland pond fishing

What started out as a rainy day with frequent downpours turned into a great evening of pond fishing on Saturday when I took a friend and his two boys fishing. We had originally intended to head down the Patuxent River in search of hardhead, spot and perch. But with the uncertain weather we turned our attention to fishing that is a little more flexible.

It didn't take long for one of the boys to land a very nice bream on a nightcrawler under a bobber.

maryland pond fishing bream panfish

And of course, as has become the norm the snakehead made an appearance. This 23 inch fish was caught on a topwater popper bait by my friend Chad.

maryland snakehead

maryland snakehead

We also saw several other snakehead. I was sight fishing a small school of snakehead. There appeared to be about 4 fish feeding together. What looked like the lead fish in the school was close to twice the size of the fish pictured above. Yes, that would have put that fish at about 36-40 inches.

This particular school of snakehead did not appear nearly as aggressive as I have experienced in the past. The fish would mouth a top water bait and spit it out quickly before a hookset could be made. They seemed to elevate their head out above the surface of the water appearing almost like a turtle.

After a couple more small largemouth caught by the boys we called it a night.

maryland largemouth bass

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