Friday June 4, 2010
PODCAST: Maryland Fishing Line - June 4, 2010
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Welcome to Episode 13 of the Maryland Fishing Line podcast!

June 4, 2010
Maryland Fishing Line Podcast & Fishing Report
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Good day to all you Maryland Anglers out there. It is Friday, June 4, 2010.  It is a beautiful day here in southern Maryland - a great day to get out and fish! Of course, any day is a good day to get out and fish - whether the fish cooperate or not.

We have got a lot planned for today - my good friend Dave Yost, or Striper Dave, is going to call in with a tidal fishing report. He has information on rockfish, drum, flounder, white perch and I think croaker.  We'll talk some freshwater fishing and touch a little on the ocean scene.  We will check out what is happening throughout our whole family of fishing websites.  And I have a cool tech tool tip to help with your fishing, if you can believe that! So stick around...

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Joining me now on the phone is my good friend and fishing buddy Dave Yost - who everyone knows around these parts as Striper Dave.  For a long time - well into last year - Dave was working behind the scenes to help me compile fishing reports for our rockfish fishing forecast. This is the first time Dave has joined me on the podcast and I have to admit I have been looking forward to this.

Welcome Dave...

Let's kick it off with rockfish...

Stripers:  most guys are now chumming waiting for the spot to arrive in numbers to start live lining.  most trollers have switched to smaller swim baits.  the best action has been the south bite from solomons south.  reports from captains and rec guys alike have been talking about the shipping channel off of the radar towers to the gas docks.


Drum:  the usual spot for the drum is stone rock and areas surrounding, and the bite has been pretty good.   if you can get over during the week without all the bumper boat traffic, that is your best bet.


Croaker:  excellent reports have been coming in from Buzz's Marina ( on st jeromes creek with some monster croaker being caught.  oyster bars are the areas to target.  my favorite rig for croaker is a single hook bottom rig with a khale hook, spinner, and green beads.  for bait i use pink popcorn shrimp, squid, and sometimes bloodworms.  the green can off of holland point around herring bay has been producing also, the gooses has been mentioned by captains and rec guys also.  the nite time bite always seems to be the best for croaker.

White Perch...

White perch:  the white perch are stacking up just about everywhere, and like the croaker the oyster bars are a good bet.  mouths of creeks and rivers also.  best bait is bloodworms and softies or peeler crab for the citation size.


Flounder:  flounder action is off and on.  and ive also heard of a few runs of bluefish coming in from the charter capt's.
So if you had to pick one spot and one fish for the weekend (or your next shot on the water) what would it be?
This is a great weekend to give Maryland fishing a try - the first two Saturdays in June and July 4th are free fishing days in Maryland - meaning no license is required.  You have to observe all the other rules and regulations, but no license is required.
There are also a few places throughout the state where no license is required at all.  A list of those locations is found on the MD DNR website.

We are going to talk freshwater fishing for a few minutes, see what is happening on the websites and talk fishing tech - you want to stick around?

Largemouth bass fishing is the dominant freshwater action right now - both tidal and non-tidal waters are producing largemouth.  Bass are aggressively feeding now and topwater baits - propeller bait, buzz baits, topwater frog imitations are working great right now and that is a fun method of fishing - in fact probably one of my favorite. The opportunity to see the strike and react.  Grass beds are starting to come into their own and they are great fish attracting structure. If the topwater action slows down on you jump over to plastics or spinnerbaits but cover is still the key.  Wood, sunken logs, downed trees all will hold fish.

If you have kids, hit some of the local ponds for bluegill - just tossing a worm under a bobber can entertain kids and introduce them to the sport of fishing.

Let's see what is happening down the shore. Flounder in the back bays are turning on, rockfish behind Assateague Island, and bluefish are starting to make an appearance inside the inlet. 

But the hottest action right now has to be going on in the surf, large striped bass action is slowing down and bluefish and sharks are moving right into place and offshore wrecks are producing sea bass.

Let's see what is going on at

My Tracks for you android smartphone users... 
My Tracks is a GPS app for your android smartphone that allows you to record tracks and insert waypoints.  Boat, walking, record your route and enter waypoints where you catch fish - then share with friends and have a track record of your fishing!
If you have something to add, or have questions and you need answers, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 443-478-FISH or 443-478-3474 and leave a message you might hear yourself featured in our report! You can also find us at

Thanks to Striper Dave for joining us - come back again?  You can find Dave online at

Until next time, Catch'em Good Maryland...

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