Thursday May 27, 2010
New Fishing Jetty Slated for Sandy Point

sandy point jetty fishing maryland sandy point jetty fishing maryland

This is great news for the Maryland shorebound tidal angler! The Baltimore Sun is reporting today that the O'Malley administration has set aside $550,000 to rebuild the stone jetty north of the Bay Bridge.

Construction is scheduled to start after Labor Day of this year when park usage diminishes.

Plans are for a crested surface 7 to 8 feet wide with the top of the jetty sitting roughly 7 feet above the water (this will of course fluctuate with tidal movement).

sandy point jetty fishing bay bridge maryland

This is a tremendous improvement over the battered jetty structure currently in place.  The old jetty as it stands now was compromised during the construction of the Bay Bridge in the 1970's. Combined with continued storm damage and the lack of maintenance this made for a structure that required great care when attempting to fish from it.


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