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PODCAST: Maryland Fishing Line Report May 14, 2010
Brian raines

maryland fishing report maryland fishing report

Welcome to the Maryland Fishing Line!  Just as another reminder - For those of you who were tuning into the podcast last fishing season you will remember we were a "rockfish only" fishing forecast.  For 2010 we are changing up the format and covering the entire state of Maryland and touching all aspects of fishing - freshwater, tidal and saltwater and the ocean scene.  So stick around and hang on, we'll be right back with what's going on right now in Maryland fishing...

May 14, 2010
Maryland Fishing Line Podcast & Fishing Report
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For those of you who want your rockfish forecast, we're still providing that and it will be brought to you by my good fishing buddy, Dave Yost who we all know as Striper Dave.  If you fish in Maryland and hang around any of the fishing websites you will have undoubtedly encountered Dave - you just may not know it.

To kick things off here is Dave's Rockfish Report.

Well it appears the MSSA tournament last week was a success!!  Anytime someone catches a striper or rockfish over 50lbs thats success!! 

It was a tough, hard bite during the tournament but fish were caught and there were smiling faces.  There were a more than a few personal bests caught. 

We currently have a final stage of spawn winding down - in fact, at this point might very well be over!!  The southern region near Solomons, 74-76 bouy (deep pocket) with the right deep water gear have been producing nice rockfish. 

And there has been some 36-40 inch range fish being reported from trusted sources pulled from Baltimore to Solomons.
Tandem bucktails, small 4 arm chutes loaded with various colors, planer boards and way back rods   have been the ticket for most anglers. 

Here are a few areas to hit, away from the traffic - south of 83a in 80' of water and make sure to vary your depths .  The key is to look for bait pods with fish around them!!  The radar towers are always a good bet if your nearby and they have been producing south to the gas docks. 

We have had some STRONG reports of big fish being pulled from Radar to Cove Pt.  south down to Point Lookout, out in front of St. Jeromes Creek, and the HS bouy. The trophy fish won't be here much longer so get out there and hook'em up!!
Not many anglers have started targeting croaker, spot, flounder, blues, but the reports from the pound nets is the hardheads are showing up and they are citation size fish  - so  get on your favorite croaker hole and hook'em up!!  

BIG MONSTER, black drum will be here soon if not now.  Start gathering softies, and peeler crab and get ready.  You need to know the area and the technique before venturing to the Stone Rock area, on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay for the black drum.  It can be semi-combative to get rolling through to the right spot.  Kind of like bumper boats.  The reward is great, and you need to bring patience.

As far as freshwater goes - the largemouth are now off the spawn in most of the areas waters while the bluegill and crappie are just moving onto their beds.

We are receiving frequent reports of largemouth bass to more than 6 pounds, trout stocking is beginning to wrap up but they are a bit behind schedule due to the snow and a late start.

Good bass fishing in the Nanticoke and Mattawoman.  If you are fishing the Mattawoman think grass and rocks.  Throw spinnerbaits to the grass and crankbaits to the rocks and deeper shorelines.

If you are fishing the beaches on the coast there are reports of nice fish 50 inches plus coming from the surf right now, as well as the occasional flounder and black drum.  Cut bait is the ticket on the beach it seems.  The back bays are producing some flounder on minnows and squid strips.

If you have checked out our new website at you should do so - a great new social networking platform for Maryland fisherman and their friends.

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Until next time, Catch'em Good Maryland...


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