Monday May 3, 2010
VIDEO and PHOTOS: Chesapeake Bay Trophy Rockfish Trolling

chesapeake bay rockfish chesapeake bay rockfish striper striped bass

Monday morning weekend fishing report from Striper Dave ( Looks like he found some quality fish - what a great weekend on the water. Check out these photos and video of a nice 41 inch, 26lb striper.

We had another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay thanks to the Good LORD! We spent the day trolling with Capt. Steve Goins on the Sandpiper along with Capt. Jerry Swartz.

We were in good company as always, and there was a lot of experience and knowledge to be shared from the both of them. I was able to land my personal best rockfish at 41 inches (26 lbs. & 22 inch girth). I was so pumped and remained in that state for the rest of the trip. It happened at about 8:30-9:00 am on the "way back" rod running tandem chutes with big eye black heads and 9" white shad. She was double hooked and definitely not getting loose. Thanks again to Capt. Steve and Jerry for their knowledge and experience for putting me on this fish.

The next fish was a fiesty 39 incher that Jerry landed (see video below). I believe that was a board rod with tandem chutes with a 9 inch blue glitter shad.

The rest of the day consisted of pretty steady action - a few 34/36 inch fish and a few 28/29 inches.

What an awesome day on the bay, the weather couldn't have been better. Below are some photos and video of our trip. If anyone wants to get hooked up with their personal best, like I did, I recommend fishing with Capt. Steve Goins on the Sandpiper. He can be reached at 443.223.2218 or via email at or on the web at

striped bass chesapeake bay

marylland rockfish striper striped bass

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