Friday April 30, 2010
PHOTOS: Largemouth Bass Pond Fishing Report
Brian Raines

calvert county largemouth bass maryland pond fishing report

This morning was quite likely the best weather we have had so far this season for some early morning pond fishing. I joined up with a friend at a local private community pond for a little bass fishing.

The fish in this pond are now well past spawn and are back to feeding.  While it is a small pond it is well known that there have been quality fish pulled out in recent years.  Three to four pound fish are not uncommon and the occassional 6 lb'er is not out of the norm.

With only an hour or so to fish we went straight to work.  Baits of choice were the old standby plastic worm and a white spinnerbait.

First strike, and miss, came on the spinnerbait slow rolled over a log.  It is frustrating when all that water moves and you can sense the fish but come up short.

A quick follow up with a drop-shot, finesse plastic worm in pumpkinseed couldn't find home with the first fish.  But a smaller neighbor obliged by hitting the worm hard.  It was not a large fish measuring only about 10 inches.

A little further down the bank another aggressive fish fell victim to the pumpkinseed worm.

After a hang-up and retie, two more fish were eager to hit the worm with a very slow presentation.  These fish were a little larger, each about 12-14 inches and running maybe a little over the 1lb mark.

Not a bad way to kick off the work day if you ask me.

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