Thursday April 22, 2010
AUDIO REPORT: White Perch Action in the South River
Dave Yost,

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This white perch fishing report from Glebe Bay on the South River just came into our voicemail from Dave Yost, aka Striper Dave.

April 22, 2010
White Perch in the South River Fishing Report
Running Time - 0:35
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AUDIO TRANSCIPT: Hey Brian, Striper Dave here. Hey, quick white perch report. We were out on Glebe Bay yesterday off the South River in Edgewater fishing some dropoffs and structure. I had fresh grass shrimp and managed to pick up about ten you know nice pansize, they were probably, largest one was probably 11 inches. Smallest about 8 or 9, uh,  kept about 10 of them. Got on'em pretty good, despite the rain. Just a quick report. Thanks.

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