Monday April 19, 2010
PHOTOS AND PODCAST: Opening Day Weekend Rockfish Results
Brian Raines

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Striper Dave ( was on the prowl over the weekend in the Chesapeake Beach, MD and Deale, MD area checking in with charter captains and recreational anglers alike on their results from opening day weekend.  He filed the following "call-in" report, as well as, an email report with some attached photos.

April 19, 2010
Opening Day Rockfish 2010
Running Time - 1:05
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PODCAST REPORT TRANSCIPT: Hey Brian, It's Dave, aka Striper Dave. I just got a call in from Captain George on the Stormy Petrel out of Deale, Maryland - Captain George Prenant. Took a party out today and obviously the winds were cranking. Stayed a little close into shore, he was fishing in depths of 27 to 34 feet of water, uh, limited out for is party said they were happy. The biggest fish they boated was 39 inches, pretty good size fish, so it was probably in the 20 pound or more range. And I believe he was trolling with sassy shads and spoons in white and yellow on the shads, and you know, some of those bin tony spoons he was trolling with. Don't know exactly what lures they had on, but sounded like hed had a pretty good trip. They were in and out pretty quick. I think he said he was back to the dock by 12. I just want to call them with that report and hopefully some other anglers had some good success and stayed safe out there today. Thanks.

EMAIL REPORT: I stopped by the Rod N Reel today and looks like everyone returned with their limits.  There were happy anglers with big smiles young and old alike.  Hats off to the charter Captains for getting out there and putting their parties on the fish despite the windy conditions, here are a few pics.

maryland rockfish opening day fishing report

rod n reel striper fishing report

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