Friday April 16, 2010
PODCAST: Maryland Fishing Line Fishing Report
Brian Raines

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Welcome to ALL NEW Maryland Fishing Line!  For those of you who were tuning into the podcast last fishing season you will remember we were a "rockfish only" fishing forecast.  For 2010 we are upping the ante and plan on covering the entire state of Maryland and touching all aspects of fishing - freshwater, tidal and saltwater and ocean fishing.  We'll be covering the whole scene.  So stick around and hang on, we'll be right back...

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April 16, 2010
Maryland Fishing Line Podcast & Fishing Report
Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence
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For those of you who want your rockfish forecast, we're still providing that and it will be brought to you by my good fishing buddy, Dave Yost who we all know as Striper Dave.  If you fish in Maryland and hang around any of the fishing websites you will have undoubtedly encountered Dave - you just may not know it.

To kick things off here is Dave's Rockfish Report.

Big croakers and flounder are already showing up off of Point Lookout in the pound nets, it is time to hook'em up!! 
The Striper report from Susky flats at the top of the bay is a little slow but big fish are being caught over 50lbs and fresh herring is out performing any type of artificial lure. 

Shore bound anglers at Sandy Point are hooking up with stripers - a few over 50 inches have been caught from the beach - bloodworms or fresh herring is your best bet. 

From Bloody Pt to Chesapeake Beach trollers have been picking up stripers in the shipping channel up to water as shallow as 35-40 feet average size is 36 inches but a few over 40 have been reported. 

There was a report of some big cows straight off of St Jeromes creek in the shipping channel that were picked up by trollers. 

Light tackle anglers have been having fun with white perch and the shad.  Shad darts tipped with grass shrimp is your best bet for white perch, or blood worms fished on the bottom (upper creeks and rivers are the target areas).

The shad run has begun and the upper Potomac in DC near Fletchers has been hot.  Deer Creek off the Susky in the upper bay has also been good. 

There have been a few caught in the Patuxent, but not big numbers.  Dave reports having maybe caught a half dozen or so in the Patuxent/Upper Marlboro area. 

Anacostia at Bladensburg Park has been producing a few shad as well.  Best bet there is a single shad dart with split shot. 

Other anglers prefer tandem shad darts one yellow, and one white.  It will vary from day to day which color they will hit.

Good luck to the anglers heading out for opening day tomorrow.  Be careful the wind is gonna be cranking!  Safety first, stay clear of other trollers especially with planer boards, a major mishap could occur with the heavy winds tomorrow.

As far as freshwater goes - the trout stocking is finally into full swing after a slow dart by DNR.  Trout fisherman are reporting good catches and for those of you who did not know, DNR is stocking some larger class of fish this year.  So this is a great time to get out and try to catch a nice trout.

Bass in the local ponds should be spawning and sitting on their beds now.  Females hovering and the males chasing away everything that looks like a threat.  When these fish come off those beds in a week or so they should be hungry so keep that in mind.

Big catfish are being caught in the Potomac near Fort Washington. We have photos on the website of fish from 25-50 plus lb fish.

If you have checked out our new website at you should do so - a great new social networking platform for Maryland fisherman and their friends.

If you have something to add, or have questions and you need answers, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 410-231-3850 and leave a message you might hear yourself featured in our report! You can also find us at

Until next time, Catch'em Good Maryland...


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