Monday April 12, 2010
PHOTOS: Patuxent White Perch and Catfish Fishing Report
Shayne Carroll

maryland white perch report maryland catfish report

This Patuxent River fishing report just came in with the attached photos from Shayne Carroll.  He was fishing some private access on the Patuxent River in the Dunkirk area (Calvert County, MD) and caught some white perch and catfish. Fine job, Shayne – Catch’em Good!

It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday and I was thinking,  "It is time for the fish to bite." After having 2 unsuccesful fishing trips this year I knew this was time. So, I headed down to the river around 5:45pm. As I arrived people were catching fish, but as I prepared my rod everyone decided they had enough and left.  My first cast was around 6:15pm and from the time my line hit the water I was getting bites for the whole 2 hours I was there. I was using nightcrawlers - they worked great! I also bought a batch Great Lake Emerald Shiners - DO NOT USE THESE! I had one rod in the water with these on and it didn't get a bite all evening. Overall it was a great evening of fishing!

maryland patuxent river white perch

maryland white perch patuxent river

maryland catfish report

patuxent river catfish

calvert county dunkirk catfish fishing report

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