Sunday April 4, 2010
PHOTOS: Monster Potomac River Catfish
Dave Yost, (Striper Dave)

maryland blue catfish maryland fort washington blue catfish

This Potomac River monster catfish fishing report just came in from Striper Dave.  Nice fish Dave! You boys know how to catch'em good! Make sure to visit Dave at

I fished the Potomac River last night in the Fort Washington area.  We started by catching some fresh mud shad in the throw net. We were looking for herring but there were none to be caught in net yet.  We jumped over to our regular honey hole and landed 2 big blues.  Big thanks to Paul "Catfish" Cutler for putting us on them quickly.  "Mega Strike" Mike got the first cow at 25lbs, then the second one came about 10 minutes later. Then it was my turn and I hooked up. What a fight! I got him to the boat after about 5 minutes and he wasn't done, one more run down! Man, what a rush! I got him boat side, netted and in the boat - a new personal best at 45lbs.  Gotta love them big boys.  Thanks also to Tip for camera and video. 

Video coming soon!

potomac river big catfish

potomac river catfish maryland

maryland potomac river blue catfish fort washington

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