Tuesday January 5, 2010
First Maryland Fishing Report of 2010!
Dave Yost, StriperDave.com

maryland winter creek chub maryland winter creek chub

Freezing air temperature, check. Freezing water temperature, check. Going fishing, check.  Here we are, a whole five days into the new year, and here is your first fishing report for SouthernMarylandFishing.com filed by Striper Dave for 2010 (visit Dave at http://www.striperdave.com). Quite honestly it took a little longer than I thought it would.

Freezing Cold Water Fishing

I have been having a major itch to go fishing and the cold and wind have been making me change my mind often.  I decided to hit the Patuxent River to check for any signs of yellow perch.  I met up with my buddy Mike "MegaStrike" at the Governors Bridge area and started scouting for places to cast. 

Spinner baits were the choice bait to start the new year.  We used white single spinners as we usually use live minnows for the big yella's, but I didn't have time to get'em today and the white spinner is a great substitute. We fished for about an hour or so with no luck.  We ran into a fellow fisherman that said he had fished a location yesterday that produced some winter creek chub. 

It wasn't too far away, a part of the Patuxent near the old Bowie Race Track off of Race Track Road.  We headed over and gave it a shot using the same technique of a white 1/16 oz. spinners and pulled in a couple of winter creek chubs.  We had to use a very, very SLOW retrieve and even then you could barely feel them hit.  A little bit of a fight for their size, but no striper thats for sure. 

It was fun just to be out, and a bonus to catch fish.  First fish of the year!!

maryland winter creek chub

maryland fishing report 2010

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