Friday December 11, 2009
PODCAST: Rockfish ONLY Fishing Forecast, December 11, 2009
Brian Raines

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Welcome to’s Rockfish ONLY Middle Bay Fishing Forecast for Friday December 11, 2009.

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December 11, 2009
ROCKFISH ONLY Fishing Forecast Podcast
Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence
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This weekly podcast is your “go-to” resource for where the rockfish are for the coming weekend, compiled for Southern Maryland Fishing as always by Dave Yost who everyone knows as Striper Dave.  You can visit Dave at

Before you head out on Saturday, make sure you listen in on Friday so you will be certain to Catch’em Good.

Water temperatures are showing at 49 degrees in Baltimore, 52 at Solomons, and 54 at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  These are surface temperatures so keep in mind temps will vary throughout the water column. 

Rockfish still seem to be holding in the 25-30' range over the deeper water columns in the shipping channel.  Fisherman are running a zig-zag pattern east to west across the shipping channel to find fish this week.  Just like last week planer boards are still putting the most fish in the box.  I keep hearing of both the lures being used and the fish being caught getting bigger and bigger. 

The waves of migrant fish passing through are entering the Bay either through the canal (upper Bay, Baltimore) from Delaware Bay or obviously in from the mouth of the Bay in Virginia.  We still have fish headed our way according to our friends up north.  NY and NJ are still holding fish on the beaches, so there are still more fish headed this way. Hopefully they will make it into the Bay. 

White is still the most popular and consistent color, but chartreuse, and natural patterns are working as well.  Umbrellas rigs, tandem parachutes, tandem bucktails, tandem spoons with bucktails and deep diving plugs are being used.  Water depths of 20-50 feet is the target area to run your baits, however having a bait or two running on the surface is not a bad idea.  

The most consistent reports came in this week from the area of buoy 82, 78, the CP buoy and south to Point Lookout.  Birds are still giving up the locations and putting anglers on the fish.  We have been getting some good intelligence from the the lower Potomac of some heavy stripers being found and boated.

For you skinny water, shore bound anglers who thought December meant no more fishing, don't believe the lie.  As Dave proved yesterday when he caught 10 rockfish in under 45 minutes on a local jetty, there are still fish to be caught.  A medium retrieve close to the rocks was the ticket with a white 5 BA on a 1/4 ounce leadhead. If you are on those rocks be careful and make sure you are wearing your korkers, this water is cold and won't tolerate any mistakes.

Ocean City is seeing some nice size Stripers and Blues along the beach and pluggers and surfcasters have been putting fish on the beach.  The night seems to be the most productive time especially when combined with the right tides, currents, and moon phase.  Larger plugs seem to be the best bet. 

We got a couple of questions this week via email.

Dale in Lexington Park asks, "Exactly how does the moon cycle affect fishing?" Let's talk about the moon phases a little bit.  Right now we are on a waning crescent, heading towards a new moon.  A few days before, on and after new moon always seem to be the best fishing times.  These times combined with sunrises and sunsets, moon rises and moon sets, and the right tides and currents make for some really fantastic fishing.  I look at the moon cycle as a good indicator, but I won't let it stop me from getting out when the opportunity presents itself.

Steve in St. Leonard asks, "I hear you talk about BKD's and BA's in your podcasts and see those references on message boards - I assume they are baits but what does all that stand for?"  Good question Steve, sometimes we get so hung up in lingo we forget to make ourselves clear.  You are correct, they are both baits.  BKD is short for Bass Kandy Delights and BA is short for Bass Assassin. Both are soft body swim baits fished with varying weights of lead heads and are great light tackle baits for rockfish.

If you have something to add, or have questions and you need answers, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 410-231-3850 and leave a message – you might hear yourself featured in our report!

We'll see you online and talk to you next week!

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