Tuesday December 8, 2009
PHOTOS: Cold Front Jetty Stripers

jetty fishing report maryland striped bass maryland jetty fishing striped bass report

This report just came in from my good buddy Striper Dave (http://www.striperdave.com). Dave was out fishing in this sloppy, cold mess called weather and as usual catches fish where other fear to tread.

With a cold front and possible snow approaching I decided to give it a try today on the jetty.  Ended up catching 2 nice schoolies on the rocks.  I was using a 3 inch baby striper swim shad while employing a slow/medium retrieve.  Both fish seemed to be holding fairly tight to the rocks.  Both fish were energetic and made for some exciting fun on my light tackle.  I can't wait to get out there during the snow if we get it.  It is always a beautiful sight, seeing it snowing over the Chesapeake Bay.  Keep in mind though if you give it a try that Korkers/spikes will be a must for slippery rocks.

maryland striped bass jetty fishing

maryland rockfish jetty fishing report

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