Tuesday November 24, 2009
MD Natural Resources Police Identify Body of Missing Kayaker

The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) has confirmed the identity of the body that was found on November 20, 2009 at Beverly - Triton Beach Park in Mayo as Jerard Robert Welsh.  Welshís identity was confirmed by finger print comparison.  

A boater last saw Welsh on November 3, as he was kayaking in Oyster Creek.  An empty kayak and life jacket was found in the area when the boater returned a few hours later.  Preliminary autopsy indicates that Welsh drowned.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police remind boaters that attention to boating safety saves lives, and is of paramount importance when enjoying Marylandís waterways. While it is recommended that everyone on board wear a personal floatation device while a vessel is underway, a child under 7 years of age must wear a life jacket while underway in a vessel that is less than 21 feet in length. In addition, children under 4 years of age and/or less than 50 pounds must have a life jacket equipped with a grab strap, inflatable headrest and crotch strap.  The NRP also recommends filing a float plan with a friend or relative.  The plan should include the vesselís destination, how long it will remain at the destination, and what time itís expected to return.  This information will assist rescue units if the vessel does not return.  The Maryland Natural Resources Police emergency number is 800-628-9944.

Editor's Note: Be careful out on the water this time of year.

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