Friday November 20, 2009
PODCAST: Rockfish ONLY Fishing Report - 11/20/2009
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November 20, 2009
ROCKFISH ONLY Fishing Forecast Podcast
Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence
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Welcome to’s Rockfish ONLY Middle Bay Fishing Forecast for Friday November 20, 2009

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This weekly podcast is your “go-to” resource for where the rockfish are for the coming weekend, compiled for Southern Maryland Fishing as always by Dave Yost who everyone knows as Striper Dave.  You can visit Dave at I want to give Dave kudos for pulling this report every week.  He "beats the bushes" pretty hard in a lot of different places to get the details.  If you have not visited his site, you really should - he has some great photos and links for you to check out.

Before you head out on Saturday, make sure you listen in on Friday so you will be certain to Catch’em Good.

Thank the Lord the storm has passed - what a nasty Nor'easter Ida turned out to be.  Hope everyone remained safe along the waterfront.

I heard from some anglers down in the Outer Banks. This storm hit them pretty hard.  In fact, an entire section of RT 12 just north of Rodanthe in Mirlo Beach suffered major damage and was closed entirely for a period of time.  They opened a sand road accessible to four wheel drive vehicles only, as well as a ferry service to Rodanthe. As of November 17 one lane of the RT 12 north of Rodanthe has been opened to traffic. So if you are headed down there for some November striper fishing keep this in mind.  I've got a link in the accompanying article to a series of photos of the OBX damage.  I read this morning that Dare County has finally decided enough is enough with the Serendipity Cottage and are going to require it be torn down or moved.  If you are not familiar with Serendipity Cottage it is the first oceanfront cottage as you enter Rodanthe and was made famous as the location the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" was filmed.  It is a problem since the driveway allows water unabated access to RT 12 during storms many times rendering the entire island inaccessible. PHOTO LINK:

I have also heard Assateague Island is looking for volunteers to help clean up after the storm if you are available - I don't have any contact information for that - if I can find a good contact I will include it as an update to this report. UPDATE: Call 410-641-1441 for more information on Assateague Island clean up.

And now to the fishing report...

The fisherman have been back out in force this week.  There have been reports of a lot of grass and dirty water.  It is clearing up slowly and has gotten better as the days go by.

Water temperatures at Thomas Point are hovering around 54 degrees and Solomons Island water temperatures are hovering right around 58. 

The bite has been somewhat scattered and a lot of anglers are just trying to pinpoint the bait to put them on the stripers. Everyone is out there trying to re-establish patterns. 

Despite the storm though the fishing has still been active and good in the middle bay area, you just have to spend a little more time and bring the patience.  The storm has pushed bait out to deeper water and the stripers have followed.  Most of the fishing this week has taken place along the western shipping channel in depths up to 100 feet, with some action seen between 40-70 feet of water.  We got word from one charter captain this week that he was trolling the western channel in the area of buoy 83 near "The Hook" and picked up some fish to 44 inches.  Another report from an angler off of Bloody Point this week with fish up to  51 inches in the box.  The Radar Towers are a good bet to be productive,  Cove Pt and the Gas Docks as well.   Another charter captain mentioned buoy 78 to the CP buoy as a location where put fish in the box up to 46 inches.   Some random trollers have been along the Eastern Bay and its mouth locating fish and hooking up. 

A lot of captains out of Solomons have been moving south near the Targets, and Point No Point to find the fish.

Again it seems the most productive spots we heard this week were the western shipping channel between Buoy 83 – the CP buoy.  We have been getting the most consistent reports and action in this area.

Traditional rigs are being used this week. Because of the water clarity fisherman have been using chartreuse, but Dave says he is sticking with white.  Umbrellas with 2 stingers on the wings is popular, tandem rigs with double bucktails or tandem with spoons - either crippled alewive or Tony’s. 

The light tackle jiggers are back out on the water as well and are coming up with some hogs to 40lbs in  water has been from 20-40 feet with some deeper.  Drop offs are key for this action.  A lot of fun can be had jigging for smaller fish and then out of the blue a 40 pound fish takes a run on you.  What an adrenaline rush.  If you have not tried light tackle jigging, give it a try it is a blast. 

Most guys are using bass assassins, BKD's on a 3/4oz- 1oz jig head.  Stingsilvers and lead are working as well.   A little known secret is a old school method of a  standard white bucktail with a scented trailer such as pork grind or fish bites and it effective to put big fish in the box.  These techniques are standard up north but used little here down, but they work.  Give them a try.

Shallow water and shore bound anglers have been out in kayaks, canoes and skiffs and been having the most success in fast moving current areas associated with a deep/shallow water ledge.  Rattle Traps and plugs with flash and noise have been doing the trick.

When you are out in these small crafts always check the weather and stay close as to not have to travel far if the wind picks up.  This time of year with water temps in the 50’s it is not cozy for floating, in all seriousness it can cost you your life.  Be smart and be careful.

For you ocean fisherman...

Assateague Island was having a nice run of stripers along the beach before the storm and anglers where hooking up using fresh bunker, mullet or spot.  Casting lures was in the mix for a few surfcasters and they where beaching a few nice stripers.  The storm has changed the shoreline for sure.  You will need to check it out at low tide to find new cuts, bars, sloughs, etc to find new areas to fish.

The Rt 50 bridge in Ocean City has been producing some nice stripers with the best bite at night on a moving tide.

Get out there search’em out……..hook’em up and catch’em good.

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