Monday November 16, 2009
PHOTOS: Post-Noreaster Skinny Water Stripers

striped bass maryland maryland striped bass

Another report came in from over the weekend from Striper Dave.  He couldn't wait for Ida to get out the way so he could get back to his evening skinny water striper fishing. The result speaks for itself - not large fish, but skinny water rockfish in mid-November on the tail end of a nasty Nor'easter is a treat for anyone.

I gto the marina last night and the current/tide had stopped but was getting ready to turn. It turned quick and all of a sudden its moving in fast debris and trash. I should have had a net to scoop out the trash. The water was fairly dirty and did not have the usual signs of moving fish. The fish were holding on the bottom it appeared. I decided to use a white BA on a 1/4 oz. chartruese jig head. I was using a retrieve/stop method to allow the bait to drop every 2 or 3 cranks. It worked and I plucked 3 nice schoolies. Striper fix accomplished - hope to get out on the Bay this week.

skinny water stripers november

maryland striped bass fishing report

maryland fishing report rockfish


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