Friday November 13, 2009
PODCAST: Rockfish ONLY Fishing Forecast - Nov. 13, 2009
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November 13, 2009
ROCKFISH ONLY Fishing Forecast Podcast
Capt. Greg Buckner, Miss Susie and Fin Finder Charters
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Welcome to’s Rockfish ONLY Middle Bay Fishing Forecast for Friday November 13, 2009

This podcast is sponsored by Captain Greg Buckner of Miss Susie and Fin Finders charters out of Solomons Island, MD. Captain Buckner is a highly experienced Chesapeake Bay charter captain running an average of 240 charters per year. Right now he is out chasing trophy stripers and has a few dates open in both November and December. He can be reached on the web at or at 301-873-1327. Since he is out fishing constantly the best way to reach him is by phone, again that number is 301-873-1327.

This weekly podcast is your “go-to” resource for where the rockfish are for the coming weekend, compiled for Southern Maryland Fishing by Dave Yost who everyone knows as Striper Dave. You can visit Dave at

Before you head out on Saturday, make sure you listen in on Friday so you will be certain to Catch’em Good.

And now onto the fishing forecast this week...

The fishing has been HOT HOT HOT this week in the middle bay area. Some fishermen have struck out, but most anglers are boating some MONSTER stripers.

The area that has seems to be on fire is from Chesapeake Beach to Point No Point. Most of big cows have been holding over deeper water from 40 to 75 feet and at times holding close to the bottom as well. Some smaller schoolie rockfish are holding in 25 to 35 feet so for the big boys get your baits down.

Umbrellas, parachutes, and tandem bucktails have been the ticket for trollers and white seems to be the best color this week.

Earlier this week on Wednesday we got in a report from Capt. Buckner on the Miss Susie.

He was out fishing as Ida rolled into town and hooked up a limit for his customers and was back in by 10am despite the nasty weather including one 46 inch, 40 pounder.

Keep in mind when trolling a lot of conditions come into play, speed, current, winds, depths of baits, amount of weight in line, how far back your lines are, etc.

This time of the year is a great time to grab a charter. You might already be in "hunting mode" dreaming of whitetail. Your boat might even already be tucked away for the winter. But do NOT miss out on these trophy rockfish. A good charter captain is out fishing a lot right now and knows where the fish are and how to hook them up quick. So grab a half day charter and snag a limit of trophy rockfish for the freezer.

A good depth finder is key to mark the fish, then getting your lures to desired depth is the final piece to hooking up.

There are a lot of charts available for this but it can easily vary depending on a lot of variables as noted above. I think we are going to try to put together a "helper" piece for the website with a good trolling set up to start out with - look for that in the next day or so.

The shipping channel on the west and east side have been the target areas for charter boats this week from Thomas Point south to Point No Point.

The mouth of the Choptank, Bloody Point, the mouth of the South River, an out front - as the locals from Deale call it have all been producing both trophy fish and quantity fish.

On down the Bay, Hoopers Island is giving up fish and the Cedar Point rips at the mouth of the Patuxent has been producing for light tackle casters.

Light tackle striper addicts have been hooking up in the rivers and shallows along the middle Bay area, dusk and dawn seems to be the best time but they need to be combined with the right current and tides.

And as we reported last week, we got word of a few boats inside of St. Jeromes Creek casting and jigging in the fast moving current and rips just inside of the creek with stripers up to 30 plus inches.

If you have something to add, you can visit and leave comments, or you can call us at 410-231-3850 and leave a message – you might hear yourself featured in our report!

Thanks again to our podcast sponsor this week - Capt. Greg Buckner at on the web or on the phone at 301-873-1327.

It remains to be seen what this Nor'easter is going to do to the fishing - yet another reason get with a good captain. They can and will find you fish. Trophy fish are out there. Until next week - Get out there and hook'em up and catch'em good.

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