Wednesday November 11, 2009
PHOTOS: Middle Chesapeake Bay Jetty Fishing for Stripers

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I just got this report in from Dave Yost, aka Striper Dave, from late yesterday afternoon. It looks like he was at it again on a jetty in the middle Chesapeake Bay.

I decided to head to the jetty after work and get some casting in. I am sure glad I did and I picked the time just right. It was just about the end of the outgoing tide. When I got down to the end of the jetty I noticed some swirls which I suspected was a school of stripers feeding on minnows. Yep sure was, as soon as my lure hit the water BANG, hooked up. I caught a fish on just about every cast for the next 20 minutes. I defintely got my striper fix for the day. The water was flat and winds were calm, little foggy out on the Bay, but still a beautiful site. The 3 inch bomber plug, aka The School Bus, did the trick. Here's a few pics - all the fish ranged from 14-19 inches.

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rockfish maryland fishing report photos

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